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Our Offerings

Hot Yoga

Experience the powerful blend of heat, flexibility, and strength in our invigorating hot yoga classes.

Hot HIIT pilates

Ignite your metabolism and push your limits with our dynamic and intense Hot HIIT classes based on pilates principles.

Yin yoga

Find inner peace and balance through our guided meditation sessions, designed to calm your mind and spirit. Watch this space for info on classes.

Stretch & Strengthen

This class links postures in a flow with a particular focus on matching the breath to the movement. This class opens the hips ad builds strength particularly in the core and upper body.


The goal of this class is to increase the range of motion in our joints. The focus is on how you function and move as an entire body rather than on individual muscles/muscle groups.

Warm/no temp

We also run some of these classes in a cooler (warm) room or with no heat at all. The environment changes but the class stays the same.

Our Core Values

At our studio, we are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming community where everyone can feel empowered on their wellness journey. We prioritize inclusivity, positivity, and support, and our team of experienced instructors is committed to helping you achieve your fitness and mindfulness goals. With a focus on holistic wellness, we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment where you can thrive both physically and mentally. Join us and become a part of our uplifting community dedicated to personal growth and well-being.


The hot yoga classes have been transformative for me. I feel stronger, more flexible, and so much more centered.
The Hot HIIT classes are intense and effective. I love the energy and how it pushes me to my limits every time.
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